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Seven Embers Healing

Seven Embers Healing

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Signature Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Focused Massage

Craniosacral Therapy

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Sacred Healing Massage with Reiki

Reiki Healing Sessions  

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Reiki Training Classes 

​ Crystal Therapy

Guided Meditation 

Essential Oils

​​​​​​At Seven Embers Healing our goal is to facilitate total wellness of the body, mind and spirit. ​

We are of many layers, layers that we carry around throughout our lives.  Some of those layers can start to wreak havoc on your your health. Stress and anxiety alone can cause one to be sick more frequently, feel depressed, have sleepless nights, prone to disease/illness and sometimes addictions, these are just to name a few.  

These layers go deep and with Reiki or Massage we are able to help ever so gently with healing hands, compassionate hearts and intuitive minds to aid in relief from tension and stress. 

Let massage and Reiki therapy help you on your wellness journey.