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Seven Embers Healing

Seven Embers Healing

Massage and What to Expect

What to Expect During your First Visit

  • Plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time.  This will allow enough time to go over your intake form, health history and goals for the session.  I will also adjust the heated table to your preference and give you a choice of essential oils. 

  • You should come dressed comfortably if possible so that the full effects of the massage can last throughout your day.  I like to use hot towels on the feet so that you don't slide around in your shoes afterwards.

  • ​Lastly, many clients ask if they should take off their undergarments.  That is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with.  I only undrape the areas that I am working on, so you will not feel or be exposed in any way.  

  • ​After the session, we may work out a treatment plan and schedule your next visit if you desire.  It is always advised to drink plenty of water before and after the session to help flush your lymphatic and urinary system of any toxins (massage is GREAT for detoxifying).